Jeremiah Johnson Meets Jim Bridger©


Jeremiah Johnson meets Jim Bridger, a Frederic Remington Trust 1861, work. Exacted from Remington’s pen and ink flatwork of same in intricate detail.

Seen here in the hand sculpted wax prior to making the mold. Bridger sports a woodpecker adorned fur cap, beaded pouches and all the accoutrement of the days of Mountain men in Montana. Johnson sports pistols, knives and tomahawk, both are in leather breaches and moccasins, beard and hair of the era. Rough men in rough and tumble young America. Federal Copyright 1999′, by FRT1861. Federal Branded by: Frederic Remington®

Legal Notice: Jeremiah Johnson Meets Jim Bridger©, is the sole and several federal copyright intellectual property of Frederic Remington Trust 1861′,  with “exclusive right to use” Frederic Remington®© on and to “offer” Jeremiah Johnson Meets Jim Bridger© under FRT1861 exclusive “right to publicity.”  For license contact FR®© Licensing, LLC to comply with CR 18 USC 2320.



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