Broncho Buster®©


The Broncho Buster was the first, and most popular of Frederic Remington’s sculpture and remains so to date, and is also recognized worldwide, partly due to President Teddy Roosevelt and the “Rough Riders” to whom Remington presented it as a gift. This casting now resides in the White House oval office as a center piece and permanent element of the presidential collection.

“Only those who have ridden a bronco the first time it was saddled, or have lived through a railroad accident, can form any conception of the solemnity of such experiences. Few Eastern people appreciate the sky-rocket bounds, grunts, and stiff-legged striking…” Frederic Remington.

The Frederic Remington Trust 1861, supplies the President of the United States who gives Remington as a national gift to foreign dignitaries and heads of state.

Legal Notice: Broncho Buster®©, is the sole and several federal copyright intellectual property of Frederic Remington Trust 1861′, with “exclusive right to use” Frederic Remington®© on and to “offer” Broncho Buster®© under FRT1861 exclusive “right to publicity.” For license contact FR®© Licensing, LLC to comply with CR 18 USC 2320.


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22 H x 18 L


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