The Rattlesnake©


Frederic Remington®©’s (our) third most popular sculpture, forever captures a profuse and often bellicose reaction to snake. Observed by many, experienced by few.  In the American West this reaction is seen in the animals of the plains, riders and their horses, their hunting dogs, their herd dogs and the like.  The reaction is always the same, animals literally climb air to avoid the strike.

Legal Notice: The Rattlesnake©, is the sole and several federal copyright intellectual property of Frederic Remington Trust 1861′,  with “exclusive right to use” Frederic Remington®© on and to “offer” with The Rattlesnake© under FRT1861 exclusive “right to publicity.”  Others seeking license may contact FR®© Licensing, LLC to comply under CR 18 USC 2320.



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