Frederic Remington® Rum
by Bacardi

Frederic Remington® RUM. Another five hundred cases arrived Miami's federal bonded warehouse, available exclusively to Duty Free Shoppes and Travel Retail (DFTR) North America. Custom blended by Frederic Remington® using Bacardi's now retired Master Blender of 25 years. Historically accurate branding and packaging developed for volume DFTR retail sales. Packaged by Frederic Remington® Licensing and distributed under license from FR® Licensing, LLC, by Bacardi family member Mario Del Valle'. A Rum true to 1898' – a Bacardi family Rum, pure and smooth. The Rum of Remington and Roosevelt's era, an era of America's Rough Riders locked in the struggle for Cubanos Libre' (Cuba's Liberty from Spain). In 1898', Roosevelt and his Rough Riders rode into the fray in support of Cuban freedom fighters and Remington documented it. Today, 119 years later the Remington® and Bacardi® famlies have again come together, this time to produce a premium historical 1898' Rum. Each FR® bottle is boxed in Remington Licensing's 1898' painting, The Charge At San Juan Hill. This historical packaging retail displays, the entire 1898' Remington painting in just four boxes shelved side by side. Once open, the bouquet' silky smoothness and full bodied palette is pure Remington®-Bacardi® family tradition.

Availability limited to Duty Free Shoppes and Travel Retail worldwide. Inquire or reorder here.


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by Bacardi”

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