Frederic Remington®


The gold 24kt, the inlays Platinum, the Grips ivory.

Ser. No. 1 resides in the home library of the George W Bush family home on his ranch in Crawford,Texas k.a., The Western White House. The artisan scribed ivory bears the famous dual mark of the United States, FR® Licensing's the Broncho Buster®© branding logo. This exquisite piece, a Dragoon 1860' model revolver, is engraved by the finest metal engraver of weaponry in the US. Its cylinder and hammer Platinum inlayed with famous Frederic Remington®© Trust 1861' imagery, “Turn Him Loose Bill,” “A Cavalry Charge,” “Saddling Up.”

This piece is subject to all ATF regulations of purchase.

Special Order Your’s Today. 50% down. Each Revolver requires 120 days to produce.

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