1906 Paleolithic Man


This approximately 15 inch sculpture of a prehistoric man. The idea for the time-less figure resulted from a scientific discussion of Charles Darwin on one particular occasion, Charles Darwin was explaining his theory of evolution with Frederic Remington and his friends. These friends later expressed that they thought Remington had captured the very idea that Darwin had been trying to convey to them of the early human, and his ridiculous notion that they descended from monkeys.

This casting shows a squatting half ape/ half man holding a club in his left hand. A sculpture designed to be more affordable to all. Many people would be able to acquire a Remington work of art, the original selling price was $100, goal accomplished.

The Paleolithic Man was sent to President Roosevelt as a present. Roosevelt’s family home was at the Oyster Bay, New York. Remington wrote Roosevelt and told him, “I’m sending a small lost-wax bronze to you with my complements”.



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