Dash for the Timber


Over $1,746,000.00 in sales to date.

A case of trespass and pursuit, “Dash” depicts 8 offenders their horses fully airborne muscles straining nostrils flared eyes bulging in fear in a dead run for the timber as riders return fire to survive. Their equipment, lariats canteens supplies and cookware bounce, madly pounding both horse and rider.  Hat brims bent to the wind as dust rolls into smoke and recoil as gunfire erupts from both pursuer and pursued. At canvas left, a rider’s rigidity suggests he’s hit, another assists him to make cover.  Bullets rip the horses flesh and kick dirt all round as smoke mixes with dust and sunlight in this iconic 1889’ Dash For The Timber.   Today the Frederic Remington Trust 1861’  makes this life struggle on canvas available for your home, school, office, boardroom or lobby.   1181E-B905   35.5H x 57W Framed



Production and Delivery

Your FR®© Flatwork requires 30 days to Produce, Stretch, Paint,
Frame, Package, Ship.


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